Gotland Fleece from Appletree Farm

We have a few fleeces left from our most recent shearing.

Let us know if you would like to be put on our list for a future Gotland lamb fleece. 

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Gotland Fleeces for Sale

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the fleeces listed below.

Agnes’ Lamb Fleece

This lamb fleece is a favorite. Agnes is a purebred Swedish Gotland ewe in our breeding program. Her lamb fleece is dense with shiny silky locks (about 5 inches long), a medium grey, this is a beautiful blank slate.
Weight: 3lb, 4oz
Price: $35/lb plus shipping

Ana’s Fleece

Ana’s fleece does not disappoint. This yearling’s fleece is Swedish beautiful. The locks are gorgeous, its color an even medium grey. I have 2 pounds left of this purebred Swedish Gotland ewe’s fleece.
Weight: 2lbs
Price: $28/lb plus shipping

Marcus’ Lamb Fleece

Marcus has one of the softest lamb fleeces of the batch with 7 to 8 inch locks. This fleece will wash to a beautiful silver grey. This one should be a handspinner/knitter’s delight with extra softness on hands.
Weight: 3lb, 4oz
Price: $32/lb plus shipping

Mai’s Lamb Fleece

This lamb fleece is from Mai and just like Mai, it is delicate, and charming. Some color variations and extra soft. Only 5 inches on this one.
Weight: 4lb
Price: $28/lb plus shipping

Bjanca’s Lamb Fleece

Bjanca’s fleece is amazing, silky, soft, dense, lustrous and everything you wish for in a Gotland fleece. This purebred Swedish ewe is one of my favorite lambs born on our farm in 10 years of breeding Gotlands. Charcoal grey.
Weight: 4lb
Price: $36/lb plus shipping