We would like to encourage our guests to help with farm chores as they wish. Appletree Farm is a working farm, with a lot of seasonal work happening, so if you are interested in something specific, send us a message and we will let you know when a better time for booking might be.

Here is a list of activities happening on the farm:

  • Feed chickens
  • Collect eggs
  • Feed animals and let them out into the pastures or bring them in at night
  • Bottle feed “bummer” lambs when needed
  • Garden and pick produce
  • Enjoy a moment on the patio with a book or a game or a drink
  • Hang out with the sheep
  • Hike up Appletree, which is a quiet dead end street surrounded by forest
  • Pick berries when in season
  • Cuddle the barn cats
  • Stargaze on clear nights
  • Help clean the barn, fill water buckets, distribute hay

You can also schedule specific fee-based activities:

  • Felting soaps
  • Making dryer balls
  • Making a wreath
  • Making a batch of tomato sauce to bring back home
  • Block printing with farm stamps

List of local activities and local restaurants (a work in progress):

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