Gotland Sheep – Fresh Produce – Wreaths – Farmstay – Workshops

At Appletree Farm we are dedicated to preserving our family heritage of growing food and raising animals. Our everyday routine is shaped around the care of the farm.

We offer high percentage Gotland lambs, quality wool and lamb meat. Each year, our small flock allows us to breed and sell Gotland lambs and ewes, as well as high percentage rams. We carry wool, raw fleeces, yarn, and roving year round; seasonally we have pelts and meat available.

In the Fall, from the end of October through the beginning of December, we offer a variety of wreaths made from evergreens and flowers that we grow and dry on the farm, including lavender wreaths.

Each year we try to bring to our community a few workshops. These are usually themed around fiber arts, food production, or arts.

Our farmstay studio is a great fit for anybody seeking a small working farm experience. It is not intimidating but rather a window into the notion that anybody can farm small with the right amount of motivation and moderate ressources.

We carry a variety of fresh produce and storage crops, free range eggs and flowers. In partnership with neighboring homesteads, these goods are contributed to CSA (community supported agriculture) shares. In partnership with neighboring farms, these goods are available at the farm and a local market.

We are located in the Willamette Valley, in Eugene, Oregon.

Oregon’s First 100% Swedish Gotland Sheep

We are dedicated to raising Gotland sheep characteristic of their Swedish predecessors. Through selective breeding we strive to produce lambs with lustrous gray curls, black faces and legs, and even curls and color.

Appletree Farm is proud to be a part of the 2021 Swedish Gotland Embryo Import Team, bringing to Oregon the first 100% Swedish Gotland sheep. You can read more about the import and embryo transfer and meet the lambs on our Gotland Sheep page.

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