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Gotland Yarn from Appletree Farm

A review from a professional knitter

Shepherdess Stéphanie lovingly breeds Gotland sheep on Appletree Farm in Eugene Oregon. Her Gotland yarns offer an earthy, heathered look available in the sheep’s unique natural colors.

I chose to work with these yarns a few years ago because I wanted to support a local farm and felt it would be even more meaningful to create garments from wool grown so close to home here in the PNW.

I’ve enjoyed working with Stéphanie’s yarn, it has a great crunch and grab quality to it and does not split while working with it. Occasional bits of vegetation speak to the yarn’s origin making me feel even more connected to the farm it originates from. The woolen surface is so fuzzy that any dropped stitches stay bonded to its neighboring stitch waiting patiently in line for you to come back around to pick up.

These high density and sturdy yarns have a lovely luster and soft handle producing a fabric that doesn’t stretch out or loose its shape. An excellent choice for any heirloom quality knit piece. The fiber’s natural halo (even before washing) is full of air offering unparalleled warmth protecting you on even the coldest days. The resulting fabric creates a garment light in appearance and handle.

I look forward to using this wool in a color-work piece. It should easily conceal any colors running along the backside and will create a beautifully bonded final fabric.

Jenica test knits for: Shibui and Woolfolk as well as for Joji Locatelli.

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