Emberlee & Meno – Gotland/Merino Yarn – Light Grey

Emberlee & Meno – Gotland/Merino Blend Yarn

150 yards – 1.5 oz
50 Gotland/50 Merino
2-ply worsted weight

Our Emberlee & Meno yarn is delightful. It is actually a 50/50 of blend silver grey Gotland and white Merino, for a very very light grey yarn. The Merino grown on our very own Meno enhances the softness of the Gotland wool produced on our farm. We are still looking and trying to find the perfect blend for our Gotland yarn so that we can combine the lasting quality and the halo of the Gotland wool and the enhanced softness of the Merino wool, for a variety of projects.

This yarn feels so nice and bouncy to the touch. It should be perfect for all kinds of knitted fashion.

$18 per skein includes shipping.