Gotland Long Hair Pelt


This one of a kind pelt comes from the flock in Denmark. The lambs and sheep there grow beautiful wool on green Danish pastures. Every time I visit the flock there, I am in awe of the shiny shades of grey these Gotland sheep sport. Their wool is so lustrous and silky. There really are no words to describe what this pelt feels like.

All of our Danish pelts are processed at Trånas Tannery in Sweden, where they have perfected the best tanning for years.

The backing is so soft that you will be able to wrap yourself in this skin as you would in a coat. It is a very special experience to own one of these pelts.

(These Swedish processed pelts come from the flock at Lykkegaarden in Denmark, where we work with the farmers there to source Gotland sheep genetics.)

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