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I have been wanting to share this with you all for a long time. It is about a simple pleasure in life. A gourmet experience, except that nobody would ever call it gourmet really. This is about a little cake, … Read More

Running a micro farm in the Pacific Northwest, Part 2

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Running a micro-farm, Part 2 From February through September, it is endless rotations of seeding, planting, harvesting, cleaning, re-seeding, re-planting, re-harvesting, re-cleaning, interspaced with fertilizing, watering, loving! The work never ends is seems. In September, here in Oregon, we are … Read More

Why do we keep a teaser ram?

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This year we are going to use a teaser ram to try and increase our success rate with Artificial Insemination. A teaser ram is a normal ram which has been vasectomised. Teaser rams work by inducing a hormonal response in … Read More

Felted bars of soap

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There is a little gift that is always nice to give and receive. It is one of these useful givings that is made right here in your community. It supports your soap maker, it supports your shepherd, it supports the … Read More

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