Appletree Farm sold three 95.3% ewes to a young breeder in Oregon

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We are so happy that 3 of our beautiful ewes went to Isabelle Pierre. She and her mother raise BFL as well as dairy goats. Isabelle got a nice starter flock with 3 high percentage ewes of Swedish and New Zealand genetics. She will be showing her ewe lambs at Oregon Fiber and flock festival in Canby, Oregon this fall.

This is a little bit of Isabelle’s story with sheep:

“My name is Isabelle Pierre and I have been involved in raising sheep for over 8 years. I began with market lambs in 4H when I was 9. I switched to wool breeds 2 years ago when my Mom started raising Blue Faced Leicesters. Attending fiber festivals and sheep shows I fell in love with the natural color, feel and the many uses of the Gotland sheep. I have always known that I wanted Gotlands to be a part of my wool flock and now at 17 I am happy to have 3 Gotland ewes that have been added to my four legged family. Thank you Appletree Farm for my beginning flock! I am so happy for these 3 beautiful, sweet, high percentage ewes. These Gotlands have stolen my heart with their brilliant and loving personalities. Stephanie, words cannot express how much I love my lambs and how much I appreciate you!”