Featured ewe: Elsa

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I feel compelled to share a thing or two about Elsa.

Elsa came to us as a bottle fed lamb 3 and 1/2 years ago. She was a triplet and had fallen on the other side of the stall wall. As a result of these circumstances she was injured and rejected by her mom. She is 90.5% Gotland out of Swedish Fattings Aron. She was quite the pet! She became the children’s favorite pet, followed us everywhere and it took her a long time to become a sheep!

The first lambing season, she had one ewe, Fern who went to Southern Oregon. The second season she had two ewes, Galway, who became Peter’s ewe and Gabi who went down to Selma to Ronan Country Fibers. This year she had two ram lambs Hugo who is a fiber pet in Eugene and Hamish that we kept on the farm for breeding. Hamish has a beautiful grey lustrous fleece.

Elsa will be one of the 3 ewes we will AI this year with the imported Swedish semen we purchased. She has become our star ewe, she is gentle, kind, a stellar mother and she has great locks! She is one of the reasons I love sheep so much and I love Gotlands even more.

Elsa, Gotland ewe from Appletree Farm, Eugene, OR