It is the time to think about Gotlands in 2018!

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Fall is here! The weather has been amazing but the air is brisk! Today we pulled out the last of the tomatoe plants and with 3 bushels of tomatoes left to process I am starting to see an end to the endless processing of food, BLISS! I love it!

The Gotlands are sheared! We have beautiful raw fleeces available and for every budget! Three of our ewes have been Artificially inseminated ( Look at the GSBANA web site with the new list of semen that we got to pick from, some of the top Swedish Gotland rams!). Our rams will be out with the other ewes soon!

We will have a few high percentage Gotlands available in the spring of 2018, give us a call, message us or email us for more details and information. We are always happy to talk about Gotlands! We have one ewe lamb (88.15%) and one proven ram (95.3%) available FOR SALE now!

Also We will have lots of produce available in 2018 with an added 2500 square feet of Greenhouse to grow early spring, hot, and winter crops. We will be traveling to France to my parents’s farm and bringing back some interesting seeds! On a different note but very exciting note, the lavender plants got transplanted to a higher part of our property, Provence, Hidcote, Grosso and a few more will provide us with aromatics!

Happy Fall to you all!