Our Farm today

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Dear Appletree friends,

If this is your first time visiting our farm, welcome!

We have been so busy on the farm! Our lambs are getting big and developing their own personality:

  • Inke and Ivan, Deelia’s bunch is shy but curious,
  • Irene, Isaak and Inigo, Elsa’s triplets, are very attached to their mama, they stay together. The boys are starting to come out and touch me here and there, Irene is still pretty shy and stays close to mum,
  • Ireland is the sweetheart of the bunch, right from the get go she was cuddly, very friendly and eager to nuzzle with humans,
  • Ila, our last to be born, is feisty, she is the looker! She is quiet but out there! She is stout and sturdy. She will join Nine Acres Farm, Jessica and Jim Duncan this summer.
  • Last but not least, Iris, queen of the bunch, she ‘s got it all, the curls, the body conformation, the color, she is friendly, beautiful and above all LOUD.

Inke, Ivan, Inigo, and Isaak are available. We can wether the boys if you are looking for a fiber pet. All of them will be halter trained and are ready to be viewed if you are interested. They range between 88+% and nearly 93%. They have nice fleeces coming on and good shades of grey. PM or email us if you are interested.

In the garden, we have lots of produce coming on. We will deliver our first CSA boxes on June first. WE still have a few shares available, as well as some flowers and eggs shares. PM or email if you are interested.

In the barnyard, we have a new addition. Our bantam hen, Rye, who has been broody for many weeks, has adopted two of Peter’s classroom’s chicks. She is still figuring it all out and it is offering us sweet moments to bear witness to.

Thank you for following us! We have a lot of exciting things ahead including some affordable farm items that help us keep our Gotland up-breeding program going.

Chicken at Appletree Farm, Eugene, Oregon